Monday, 5 October 2015


Rascals have invaded our Circle

Every place where men should gather

Conmen with smelly armpits, armed with

A verse, totems and

A mad man for experiment

This exhibition surely is not for kings

Foolish men

He is ready to slaughter his obedient listeners


He is no Abraham neither are they Isaac, but

They are ever ready to be sacrificed

He excites the circular crowd

He excites the mad man stationed at the centre

Mad man fondles his scrotum and flicks away

A homeless harmless fly

Misses prophet by half an inch

(me di yesu mogya kan we nim)

They jeer, loud enough to catch the saviour’s attention

‘Preach on!’, a hooligan hits the punch line

‘Swag on Prophet!’ another thunders thin

‘The Prophet bulldozer!’

Its collection time

Business comes to an end soon, the prophet’s saviour

Whereas they need be redeemed by the real saviour 

Copyright (C) 2015

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