Monday, 24 June 2013


The night always young
peasants resuming from labor
Noise of children so real and loud
Igniting a chorus through every deafening silence

Each day too young to die
Footprints denting sand dunes
All are busy, none will dare sleep
Every man at his best

Household sits around the illuminating fire
Listening to the sage as he unties wisdom knot
Gray hairs nods in agreement amidst the lads
And in a mellow mood they enjoy every word

Tell us legends which preceded our birth,
and why death has no cure, they seem to ask
But night has journeyed far and old folks are weary,
They wait for a fortnight

Forever my love at first sight.

1Ekurase: Akan name for village


I choose to write what they will ignore.
What they will not write in their stack of sheets-
Those reports of how they manipulated the sphere.
And influenced the courts of justice.
Yes, I know, 
they'll pick with me a fight
For I shed light on our plights. 
Our rights to enjoy the taxes we work so hard to pay. 
Not to pay bribe again before we get our monthly pay.

Now, be alert and tell them not to pervert. 

We've seen all the fake certs they use- We are Africans, not jerrycans  
Or T-rolls to be used and dumped.

Our schools shelf our knowledge in papers they call thesis. 

Our labour sits as white elephant waiting rot, when it could bring redemption to our homes.
These notes only sell 1abele na nketie 

Therefore, In sobriety I ask of our nation-
Of our leaders to take second thoughts-
To think or we sink.

1abele na nketie: roasted maize and groundnut sold in Ghana and served in brown papers or used newspapers.

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Copyright (C) 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013


The wind blows over all

The fool and the wise

The rich and the wealthy

The mighty and the not-so mighty

So who can avert the wind's course, except to position himself?

Copyright (C) 2013

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Do not let me in
If I stop by your wretched home
In search of shelter.

Do not serve me a glass of water
If I stop by your wretched home
To quench my thirst.

Do not spare me your time
If i stop by your wretched home
To greet you.

Do not, I pray you! do not
For I must reach the end of my journey
And it is not my wish to be your acquaintance or carry you along
Oh lazy cocoon, you can never be my bosom friend.

Copyright (C) 2012

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


We fight our enemies over a grain yet
The greenery stare us in the face and
In silence we chant
‘We shall destroy you at the ripening of dawn,
Crackling of noon and rotting away of dusk’.

We drown our enemies over a drop yet
The vast waters flow seamlessly in our presence and
In silence we chant
‘We shall bury your strength in the heart 
Of this earth,
Of waves roaring and breeze twirling’.

We covet our enemies over a crumb yet
Our table is filled with meat and more meat and
In silence we chant
‘We shall starve your desires from the music of hope,
Illumination of their sun and the dance of progress’.

Alas, why fight our own?
Mimicking the jealousy of crabs;
Of selfish men
Of wolves in sheep’s clothing
So we prowl and stagger strenuously in strange shoes; in search of another dream
Forgetting that wind like death knows all, the grain and the green
The crumb and the fill, the drop and the stream
Blowing all into one chaff
Only to notice we have been naked while the real enemy mocked us akimbo
Shun Hatred.

Copyright (C) 2013
4th June 2013


(Yusuf tickles Abiba..they smile..She tickles him)
You sparkle like the sun in its prime
and like the moon in full bloom
so stick with me like dust to earth, that
just like Romeo and Juliet
we remain, Yusuf and Abiba.

Copyright (C) 2013