Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Ghana, our priced possession
Shall we not keep her as a scarcely priced treasure?
Must we let her go, like fish off the hook?
Or bird out of hand
This, I put to you.

Must we stop her from etching her greatness?
From being the eagle of the continent
Whose strength, others seek
This forbearing nation
This, I put to you.

Today and tomorrow, challenge your conscience
Must we shed blood in honour of our freedom fighters,
Must we destroy that which our hands built,
Must we negate the course our forbears trod,
Must we tear down historic monuments and symbols,
Of Unity, which we stand for
Are we clones of beasts?
Or pigs who rejoice in mud?
Must you hate a fellow for power
And shed his blood to pacify your greed
Shame on you, heartless brother
Who ripped off your once kindred heart into pieces
For pieces of silver, to exchange.
This, I put to you.

Brother and sister
Youth, aged, old,
Black brother.

Let us preserve our costly ideals
Let every worker sweat and enjoy
Let Ghana remain the golucosi, the haven of cocoa
Let every child keep hopes of singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’
Let the unemployed nurse his hopes of a job
And the blind won’t take his life for God’s sake
Remember, guns don’t kill, men do
Knifes don’t kill, men do
This, I put to you

You seek the reins of power, albeit manipulatively
Should it be so? NO
Let us remain for the rains that will pour and water our fields
Is that no evidence of freedom, and independence?
Or do we need to be freed again to be truly free?
If we really needed to be free, then, were we ever free?

I rest my pen and paper
May I find it again where I placed it?
After the elections, hoping there is no war
For then shall I write the next chapter
‘Ghana’ will be the first word to be written.

This, I put to you.

Copyright (C) 2012
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