Sunday, 11 November 2012


Nii. you do not see my tears whenever they drop?
You ask where I got this scar from and I always knew!
That one bright morning, you will find an answer that will outshine...
the dark evil days when daybreak seemed much more than a miracle
Now I know I cannot cover this wound, this scar
Or can any man survive without breadth? No.

Nii, today, I will reveal the secret of yesterday
Of that day when we and them at bay,
When our skin eaten by disease turned white and red,
In a wooden Ark unlike that of legendary Noah, death stared us in the face.
It meant nothing!
Negroes flung into the jaws of the ocean, we saw no more,
Only the spatter of their bodies rumbled by the raging waves we heard.

Only in our memories your fathers remain, this picture remains
As they sailed our heroes(us) for sale, of the tribe of Da-Nii.

Son, yesterday is history
Today, it’s a story-
The story of a living picture of a dead people.

Copyrights (C) 2012
Performed on the POETS Facebook Page in contest with Daniel Kojo Appiah and Ganyobi Nii Sackey on the 4th February, 2012