Friday, 25 September 2015


A voice draws near,
Singing heavenly of hell
We cup our hungry ears to hear the murderous melody, which cut into our bones
And sinews
And flesh
And throws us into a frenzy
We are told of certain men
Men like us, men unlike us
Men like goats

They are men of honour, yet, they seek the illumination of fools and the possession of robbers
Their stubbornness stink like a goat's anus
The candor of courageous forefathers have departed them
No, they have departed the candor of courageous fathers

For, only a cup of wine
a pottage and a coin will save them
but for a moment,  just this moment

They trap themselves!
Endanger themselves and freeze others to danger, even owls flee
They are like darkness.
They are darkness of sorts.


May the wind of life blow treachery away, and send them our warm songs of hope.
Till our hearts lead them back to us.

Copyright (C)  2015
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