Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Mother told me about the shapely sun
That appears once in a blue moon
Carrying thoughts of the unborn
So I waited for her august arrival

I waited where the dusty roads kissed and broke
Where the roads embraced our town
It blossoms in the king’s forest
In all tranquility

I stood on restless dust
She eats me; the dust, I eat her
I eat the dust
Till my skin dries
I stood amidst the unwelcome of crippled branches
Darkness rushed by, across my shoulder
Fear mounted upon our soul's silhouette, unyielding
Our earnest plea was lost in the wind’s sail.

Many nights passed
The royal gongs were agog
They came, love birds
They came to where they had began
Perched on the tree’s waiting arms
Ohene wraps himself in her sunken breast
Sprinkling each other with sweet melodies of delightful memories

My admiration for the old lovers soared

Then, you showed up
My dearest!
Colorful bird among birds!!
More beautiful than a Goldian Finch
My thoughts flew out of my chest into hers
I wept and she knew why
She wept also, her love pierced my heart to glee

My armour-bearer; my kings guard
Stay here, my dome, my Lorlornyo
For, you are the black sun that should rise daily atop my roof

On ethereal eternal nights

Copyright (C) 2015

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