Monday, 12 October 2015


Good morning friends

Good morning flowery flames of flourishing fields

Good morning Anases

Mockers tremble when you wake at cockcrow

Good morning to those who were born yesterday

Good morning to those who loved us yesterday
You cause rain to gather in our eyes
Grow and water the earth
In wait for the harvest

Good morning to those whose palms fed the kernel
Our children know of you
That you did not bury the prophecy
The merry songs and dreadful days

Good morning to ordinary men who feed hungry mouths
Though you are despised everywhere
Your name is everywhere
The Potter’s pride

Good morning to suffering souls
When your day comes
Offer your master his last pound of greeting
Then walk out to your freedom which waits at the door

Good morning to those who deserve our greetings

Good morning friends.

Copyright (C) 2015

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