Saturday, 31 October 2015


Burundi, you are caught in a trap
And only you can free yourself
Bujumburam is choked by her own tears
The blood Of Evariste splashes across sorghum fields

The spirit voice of Kayenda is strangled at dawn
By those who once were friends
Gishora panics
Abatimbos fear

Burundi, you have killed Nkezabahizi the cameraman
And spared not his wife Niyonzima and children to carry on his voice
Burundi, you tied sand to your son’s testicles
And burned his buttocks in acid

Burundi, you already crossed your red sea
Then why? For once the Israelites did cross
Where is Nkurunziza of our past decade?
Nkurunziza the christian

Burundi, the garment you wear is white Saltire
Yet Africa mourns your nakedness.

Copyright (C) 2015

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