Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I see hope in that street child, a young lad
To whom all seems bad
Whose life devoid of hope
Without a future, to gain
To him, life seem but a restraint
Nothing but white and black, good and evil
But, I see in him that glimmer of hope.

Once beautiful eyes, now tortured by poverty and his broken home
clothes tattered, bare legs kiss the earth all-day
Walking on weak limbs, I see his day ahead bright
A brighter morning, a new day
When the sun will greet his burned face and
The breeze will blow anew his skin
This hope greater than despair, I see.

I see him walk past the limits of his predecessors
Past the regions of hopelessness
Into a new future, we hold-
Blazing torch of opportunities
Today, the street child makes his mansion under a bridge
Tomorrow, he leads the team that constructs bridges-
And all these would have been simply history.

Copyright (C) 2012
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